The Serafin Group was founded in 1985. Over the years, it has become renowned for its comprehensive packing and packaging solutions.
Its research and innovation efforts revolve around the “GreenStyle® corporate philosophy, resulting in a constant flow of increasingly environmentally friendly new responses to the demand for green products.
The Serafin Group’s customers include both SMEs and big industrial companies in a range of fields, such as furnishing, the automotive sector, household appliance manufacturing and plastic processing.

More than packaging.

The Serafin Group offers much more than just packaging products: services, ideas, solutions and comprehensive, customized designs. It can protect products and offer optimum efficiency and rationalization for every single stage in the packing and packaging process.
After all, the efficiency of companies is built on good warehouse management, organizations rely on their logistics systems to give a robust response to the market, and product integrity is the first sign of quality.