Sitema – Oderzo (TV).

Sitema has been designing and making packaging machinery and automatic packing systems to optimize packaging, handling and storage since 2004.
It operates in accordance with the principles of lean production, so the warehouse is considered to have a strategic role in the success of a company.
Its projects are highly customized. They involve: meticulously analysing the customer’s technical and logistic requirements, engineering the production process, installing the equipment and implementing the management software.
Sitema also provides a range of after-sales services for its customers, such as training for the staff that will use the machinery/systems, remote assistance and prompt on-site support with specialist technicians.
Advice, innovation and a focus on customer needs are the distinctive features of the Sitema approach. They take concrete form in the company’s quest for efficiency in the different stages of the packaging process, its rationalization of production procedures and its optimization of the resources available.