Gruppo Serafin
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The group

We have been developing the best solutions for carrying and protecting your products since 1981. Furniture, automotive, electrical appliances, industrial components, and design products: we know how to provide full and effective responses to the packaging and wrapping needs of various sectors, whether they are small and medium-sized businesses or large industrial companies.

*More than packaging

“More than packaging” for us means ideas, customised designs, knowledge, and innovation. Because, in our opinion, efficient packaging is that which keeps the product perfectly intact, and which helps us to make packaging easier and reduce delivery times, without having a negative impact on the environment.

Lean production

“Can a mere piece of packaging improve company performance?”

Lean production, or rather, flexible and simple production, is a unique way of understanding the production process, which has the aim of increasing productivity and optimising a company’s efficiency.

This concept, proposed for the first time by a Japanese technician at Toyota, understands the production process from the other way around, going from the end to the beginning: this is why packaging is an essential step towards streamlining the use of time and resources.