Gruppo Serafin
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Since 1981 we have been finding the best solutions to contain and protect your products. Furniture, automotive, household appliances, industrial components and design products: we know how to give complete and effective answers to packaging and packaging requests from the most diverse sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large industrial companies

*More than packaging

“More than packaging” for us means ideas, customized projects, knowledge, innovation. Because effective packaging, in our opinion, is one that keeps the product perfectly intact, but also one that helps us simplify packaging operations and reduce shipping times, without having a negative impact on the environment.

Lean manufacturing

«Can simple packaging improve business performance?»

Lean production, flexible or streamlined production, is a way of conceiving the production process that aims to increase productivity and optimize the efficiency of a company.

This conception, proposed for the first time by a Japanese technician from Toyota, conceives the production process in reverse, from the end to the beginning: this is why packaging represents a fundamental step in rationalizing time and resources.