The Green Style philosophy

The Green Style philosophy
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“What if the life of a piece of packaging did not end once its job has been done?”

When we think about the future, the environment is our main concern.

We believe in sustainability and we work to make economic development compatible with the ecosystem of our planet.We have a positive and sustainable vision of packaging and we only choose 100% recyclable materials. That way, management and disposal costs for the customer are reduced, and the life of our packaging, when it is first manufactured, has only just begun.

100% recyclable materials

Our solutions are made exclusively out of recyclable materials, which make our products environmentally friendly and sustainable.

A system of regeneration

Thanks to a sustainable production system, all of the materials that we use can be used again: an advantage for our customers, and especially for the environment.

Low environmental impact

Compared with traditional packaging, ours are guaranteed to have a lower impact on the environment. What is more, their management and disposal are decidedly more affordable for our customers.

No polluting emissions

Our products are made out of environmentally friendly materials that do not release polluting emissions into the air.